About the Library

Western Sullivan Public Library consist of the following three branches in the Sullivan West School District; Delaware Free Library located in Callicoon, NY, Jeffersonville Public Library, and Tusten-Cochecton Branch located in Narrowsburg, NY. Prior to the school merger in 2001, the libraries were separate entities that served each community, now they share a budget and service all three budding communities. Delaware Free Library began over fifty years ago with a meager 600 books and sixty registered patrons, now the branch contains nearly 17,000 items in its collection with 900 registered borrowers. The Narrowsburg branch began as an inspired storefront reading center 14 years ago on Main Street. The branch has since grown into a bustling community center that is the heart of the river-town. Jeffersonville Public Library also started as a reading center in 1979 and was to become, not only a vital part of the community but the main branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library.
There are many extraordinary elements to each of the libraries, here are a few; Narrowsburg’s Story time for children is one of the most popular programs in the area. Story time creates a link between a child and a library that lasts a lifetime. The Delaware Free library has a room dedicated to its mystery collection and a patron base that loves its hearty collection of non-fiction. The Jeffersonville branch provides brand new cozy reading room. Reference appointments can be made there with the Librarian for special or in-depth questions. All the branches provide Wireless and standard Internet access, designated areas for new books, magazines and daily papers. Many people remember their experiences at the library with joy and fondness. The unlimited unfettered access to a variety of information is not easy to forget. With today’s world of online stores and books by mail it is easy to assume libraries are a thing of the past, but the history of libraries and their place in our world cannot be overlooked. Who doesn’t love to turn each page of a mystery while under the covers on a rainy day? Who do we ask when we don’t know who to ask? Who provides privacy and question free assistance? Who can tell you the temperature in Bali in September or the height of the highest mountain in France? The library is a resource, not just information, not just to check out a bestseller, it is a place akin to home, a refuge of poetry, literature, community and life. Visit us.