The annual sales of replica Rolex know that it is more flooded than Omega

The channel for realizing watches is usually pawnshop recycling or second-hand luxury fake watches recycling. If you have similar experience, usually 80% of watch brand recycling prices are 50% lower than your purchase price. Even more will be less than 30% off, and those that can recover more than 30% off the price can't even reach 5%.

Even Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex, which are known as the top three markups, are based on the premise that their so-called recycling prices exceed the wages. You cannot buy this watch at the wages. The watch itself is now an ornament for daily wear. Like expensive bags, expensive watches are designed to show your personal strength or show your unique temperament "rich". This type of fast-moving luxury goods has a characteristic, that is, new models are always for the rapid elimination of old models, and they basically depreciate rapidly from the moment they are bought.

The current premium of watches is not caused by the scarcity of the product itself. It is mainly caused by man-made hype and hoarding or a sense of scarcity created by the brand's "hunger marketing".

You just look at the annual sales of Rolex and you know that it is more prevalent than Omega, but it feels that all models are out of stock, and all models have to add money. This is a typical hoarding speculation carried out by scalpers in cooperation with the brand. Do you think this situation can last?

So doní»t talk about value preservation when buying a watch. The recycling price of most watches is the same as a diamond with a 3-5% discount. It is a high probability. If you doní»t like it but because you hear the bragging of a clerk or other watch friends, you blindly use the watch as financial management. If you own the product replica watches, you will be very disappointed in most cases. If you just choose the style and brand you like just because you like it, then this is a good mentality to play.