Children's Programs

Link to Online Summer Reading Logs

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Links to Archived Programs:

6.30.20 Kickoff with Jester Jim!

7.6.2020 Songwriting Workshop with Alice Leon

7.21.2020 Camp Songs with Owls Nests Studios

8.12.20 Traveling Lantern Theatre (Password =  TLSherlock479)


Programs this Week:

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*Traveling Lantern Theatre Show can be viewed at any point throughout the week - please register for link*


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Print at Home:

A Garden of Words - Activity Sheet

Garden Memory Game

What Grows Above What Grows Below - Activity Sheet

 Hidden Pictures - Activity Sheet

Hidden Pictures - Activity Sheet (Spanish)

Lullaby Bookmarks

Moon and Clouds - Activity Sheet

What Comes Next - Activity Sheet


Upcoming Programs: 

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Plus one last Storytime - Thursday, August 20th @ 10:30am

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