Children's Programs:

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J- The Smartest Kid in the Universe (NAR & JEFF)

J- Never After (DEL & NAR & JEFF)

J - Pirate Stew (DEL & NAR & JEFF)

J BIO - Ruby Bridges (NAR)

JE - Crossing the Current (DEL & NAR & JEFF)

JE - Interrupting Cow & The Chicken Crossing the Road (DEL & NAR)

JE - Max & Mo's 100th Day of School

JE - My First Kitten (DEL & NAR & JEFF)

JP - Bulldozer Friends (DEL)

JP - Maisy's Chinese New Year (DEL & JEFF)

JP - Once Upon a Winter Day

Non-Fiction - Life in a Frozen World (DEL)

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Take & Make Craft Kits: 


Stuff Your Alien Friend

Penguin/Snowman Thermometer

Color-In Puzzles

Winter Water Magic Books

Color-In Valentine's Bag



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We have a few of the following kits from 2020 left:
(Yarn Painting, Water Color Sheets, Astronomy Sticker Sheets, 
Telescope & Constellatin Packet, Unity Quilt Coloring Pages,
Thankful Pumpkin, Animal Mask, Fall Wreath, Color-In Fall Bookmarks, 

Color-In Snowman Giftbag, Stuffed Alien Friend)



Play at Home Activity Sheets!


12.18 Storytime (Zoom):

Winter Words (Poem)

Down the Hill We Go (Hidden Picture Puzzle)

Parker Penguin's Party (Letter Find)

The Adventures of Spot

That's Silly (Picture Find)

We're Skating (Picture Match)


12.3 Storytime (Facebook):

Kindness Bingo (activity)

Holiday Cheer Mix (snack craft)

Cut-Out Crown (craft)

(craft instructions)




Links to Archived Programs:

01.07.21 Snowman Storytime

12.3.20 Highlights Storytime

11.03.20 "Duck For President" - an election day special

10.8.20 Monsteriffic Storytime

9.24.20 Storytime

9.10.20 September Storytime

 8.25.20 Turtle Dance Music

8.20.20 Storytime with Ms. Eileen

8.12.20 Traveling Lantern Theatre (Password =  TLSherlock479)

7.21.20 Camp Songs with Owls Nests Studios

7.6.20 Songwriting Workshop with Alice Leon

6.30.20 Kickoff with Jester Jim!