Children's Take-and Make Kits

Take & Make Craft Kits: Each week we will be putting out brand new kits for you to take home and enjoy. 

All of our kits are free for children under 10 and available for contactless pick-up at each branch while supplies last. Please sign up at by Sunday, September 5th so we can get your kits together!

*September 1 - 11: Color Your Own Kite*

Color these dynamic patterns with your own markers and fill the sky with fun!  It's cool to see the results of a craft when you do it yourself. This project was designed to be decorated and then flown high! 


*September 12 - 18: DIY Breathing Wand*

Celebrate the beginning of the school year with these simple at-home crafts!  This week we'll make a breathing wand. This simple craft will come with instructions and fun exercises to practice mindfulness with the breath.


*September 19 - 25: Jumping Origami Frogs*

Want to learn Origami but aren't sure how? This simple craft will teach us a basic shape with a super fun twist to it.


*September 26 - 30: Paper Plate Dino*

This craft will let us dive deep into our imagination and make a whole host of dinosaurs! Your child may become immersed with making a jungle of dinosaurs, creating a whole new world around them. 





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