Garden Hopping: Season Two!

Please join us for Season Two of our Virtual Garden Hopping Tours! Throughout the summer we’ll virtually take you to some of the most uniquely beautiful gardens of our region. 

This season, you're bound to be both educated and surprised by the hard work, dedication, passion and creativity of your fellow community members as they continue to plough, plant and prune thru the final days of the pandemic.  To kick off the season, on July 7th, we’ll be touring a Musician's Happy Hippy Garden, where some plants have their own drum kits! On July 21st, we’ll visit The Fragrance Garden, where it seems that each plant must pass “the smell test” prior to being planted into the garden 

Feel free to contact us if you or someone that you know is passionate about their garden and would like to virtually share it with the community. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you’ll get notified when each new video is posted.  Videos will be broadcast to our website ( and social media platforms the morning of their debut date. 


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