Old Time Radio Podcast Inner Sanctum Mysteries -"The Undead"

 Howling winds, flapping bat wings, creaking doors, shadowy figures hovering over graveyards….. all this and more awaits you for your ghoulish pleasure.  Listen at your leisure to our latest old time radio series The Inner Sanctum Mysteries – The Undead, written by Milton Lewis. 

These broadcasts are brought to you by the Western Sullivan Public Library in collaboration with Act Underground Theatre Company, directed by Kyoshin Lohr, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe, podcast design by Dale Blagrove and starring Aaron Hicklin,  Tina Gordon, Sean Harrington, Wendy Kaufman, Heidi Mollenhauer, Matt Nolen, Ken Parks, Charlie Trowbridge, and our announcer, Warren Anschutz.

Be sure to tune in online at WSPL’s website www.wsplonline.org


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