Old Time Radio Podcast Continues

During the month of July, the Western Sullivan Public Library and The Act Underground Theatre Company continue their old time Radio Series with The Adventures of the Thin Man’s, “The Deadly Valentine”.  

This next case has Nick and Nora being hunted by an escaped con Bill Carroll, that Nick had brought to justice and incarcerated. Now the detective duo have to somehow find the con before the con finds them! Nick is framed for murder and we can only hope that Nora can save the day, while Asta waits safely at home. . . Be sure to tune in!

These broadcasts are directed by Greg Triggs, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe, podcast design by Dale Blagrove and starring Aron Hicklin, Heidi Mollenhauer, Kyoshin Lohr, Matt Nolen, Ken Parks, Thomas Cambridge, Susan Mendoza, R. Scott Porter, and Lisa Gonsalves.

This episode will begin airing on July 1st and will be podcast throughout the month. You can find here!


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