Old Time Radio Series

The Western Sullivan Public Library and The Act Underground Theatre Company continue their old time Radio Series with the third and final episode of Our Miss Brooks, directed by Greg Triggs, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe, podcast design by Dale Blagrove and staring Heidi Mollenhauer, Kyoshin Lohr, Matt Nolen, Ken Parks, Thomas Cambridge, Susan Mendoza, R. Scott Porter, and Lisa Gonsalves.

Our third episode finds Mrs. Davis, Miss Brook’s landlady, styling her very own outlandish hats to sell for Mother’s Day. They are really two hats in one, featuring apples on side, and sparrows on the other …… quite a feat for Miss Brooks when she agrees to sell four of the hats to the faculty of Madison High school …… with one being sold as a sunshade for a horse!

This episode will begin airing on May 1, 2021 and will be podcast throughout the month. You can find all three episodes on WSPL’s website www.wsplonline.org  and wherever you get your favorite podcast: Apple I-Tunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Podcast, Sound Cloud, and IHeart Radio.

Direct Link to podcast: https://www.wsplonline.org/page/wspl-podcast-82.html

June’s selection of Old Time Radio Scripts will be the ever popular Thin Man series, so stay tuned.



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