Western Sullivan Public Library teams up with The Act Underground Theatre Company

to present a vintage 1940's Old Time Radio Series Podcast. 


Airs November 1, 2021 - "Stage Door" -by Kaufman and Hart, adapted for this podcast by Greg Triggs.

Romance is the promise of a lover’s kiss whispered on the wind, or the bittersweet, aching yearning for true love. But Romance isn't always a couple holding hands in the moonlight – it can be for someone who wants greasepaint, a spotlight and applause.

"Stage Door" is the story of a boardinghouse full of young women like that. We're going to tell you what happened to three of them – they all share a room in a theatrical boardinghouse on the corner of 75th Street and Broken Hearts Boulevard. Starring:






Inner Sanctum Mysteries – The UNDEAD   written by Milton Lewis

Howling winds, flapping batwings, creaking doors, shadowy figures hovering over graveyards….. all this and more awaits you for your ghoulish pleasure. Listen at your leisure to our latest old time radio series The Inner Sanctum Mysteries – The Undead, written by Milton Lewis.

These broadcasts are brought to you by the Western Sullivan Public Library in collaboration with Act Underground Theatre Company, directed by Kyoshin Lohr, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe, podcast design by Dale Blagrove and starring Aaron Hicklin, Tina Gordon, Sean Harrington, Wendy Kaufman, Heidi Mollenhauer, Matt Nolen, Ken Parks, Charlie Trowbridge, and our announcer, Warren Anschutz.

Be sure to tune in online at WSPLonline.org and all the places you listen your podcasts, from October 1 through 31, 2021











Ah it’s Fall…… time to sit back in front of a roaring fire, with a glass of fine wine and the one you love, because it’s time for ... Romance.  During the month of September, the Western Sullivan Public Library and The Act Underground Theatre Company present their latest Old Time Radio Episode  “Mrs. Moonlight”.  

“Mrs. Moonlight” is the story of found and lost love spanning decades, and the family that ages and grows through it all.  A heart capturing tale of true love.




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The Adventures of the Thin Man – Done to Death

In this retro romp, Nick & Nora Charles solve Manhattan's most stylish murder. Someone has killed decorator Alistair Floritin.  Is it a renovation gone bad or is someone redecorating to cover up killer clues? Find out in “Done to Death” brought to you by the Western Sullivan Public Library and Act Underground Theater! 


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In the first episode of The Adventures of the Thin Man we find Nick and Nora at a wedding being held in a fashionable hotel suite in Manhattan. The groom, Arthur Hornsby, is an old friend of Nick's. The bride, Jane, is breathtakingly lovely .. but minutes after the ceremony. . . murder and mayhem ensue!

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[Click Here for Episode 1]

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The Podcast's first episode of Our Miss Brooks titled, The Balloon Dancer, was written by Al Lewis. In this episode, Miss Brooks, Madison High School's English teacher, is reluctantly tending the office of Mr. Conklin, the grumpy Principal, while he runs an errand.  Quite inadvertently, mistaken identities occur involving a new secretary, a stripper, the President of the Board of Education and. . . hilarity rules!


[Click HERE for Episode 2]

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In our second episode, “Switchboard Switcheroo”. The professional rivalry betwee Miss Brooks and Daisy Enright extends into their personal lives. In fact to see these two English teachers engaged in one of their frequent verbal tiffs, either one would cut each other throat for a nickel. No, this isn’t so…And yet again… Hilarity rules!


[Click HERE for Episode 3]

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Our third episode finds Mrs. Davis, Miss Brook’s landlady, styling her very own outlandish hats to sell for Mother’s Day. They are really two hats in one, featuring apples on side, and sparrows on the other...quite a feat for Miss Brooks when she agrees to sell four of the hats to the faculty of Madison High school...with one being sold as a sunshade for a horse!